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Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
I'm an archaeologist in the real world, so as a Trek geek to boot, this is pretty cool to me, I must say. However, it took my fleet nearly a month (we're small - only 15 of us) of grinding to come up with 60k dilithium to finish a genuinely useful project (equipment provisioning). As aesthetically pleasing as this is - and some of the others have been - you're killing us with the dilithium sinks already, no way my folks and I can afford 200k. Now, back to grinding for things we can actually distribute and use...
But it will only cost $18.19 if you bought Dil off the exchange.
If you don't want to pay money, it will only take 12.5 days to get he Dil if you maxed 2 characters everyday.
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