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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Dontdrunkimshoot, will you please explain this some more. What do you mean about the Chel not having on-target up time? And forgive me, but what is AtB, and why does not having two of it a bad thing?

Thank you.
like mewi said. if your DHC never run cold and keep a target in your sights, you will end up dealing a lot more contents damage to your target that they cant out heal. with 13 turn, thats far below the 17 and up of the best damage dealing escorts.

this ships will be nearly hopeless in a dog fight, it will have to rely on TB, and 2 APO taking up the COM and only LTC slots to compete. even then it will still be at a disadvantage, all the other scorts already run 2 APO. it is sturdy though, good hitpoints, and 3 eng, 3 sci stations. or 2/4.

aux to batt with tech doffs lowers the cooldown of all your running abilities whenever AtB is used. with 2 copies of AtB, you can have just about any station power at its global cooldown without haveing to double up powers. this is great on tac focused cruisers, and ships like this that have a wide range of station powers. but it leaves your aux in the toilet, and does nothing to make an escort hit any harder, they already have 2 of all the tac powers they need. or make a healer heal any better, a healer cant be effective without high aux. it sorta just buffs niche builds that before were underpowered.

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It's why just because you can use cannons doesn't always mean you should. More so if you don't know all the tricks.
i would never recommend anything but DHCs with this ship, same thing for 9,10, and 11 turn rate kdf cruisers. but they have EWP and TBs for holds, and room for 2 or 3 turn consoles as well as full cruiser durability. make no mistake, the breen ship is a DHC ship.
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