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Originally Posted by glassguitar;6942621 STFs are faceroll easy with crappy gear [I
as long as you actually know how to play your toon in a teamwork setting[/i]

Which, having soloed to lv50, the average f2p player..... not so much.

Or if you don't have much experience with team-coordination online MP games. /shrug

MACO/Omega/KDF MK X = 3,500 dilith (each piece)
MACO/Omega/KDF MK XI = 5,500 dilith (each piece)

I don't know where you are getting those numbers.

I got my numbers directly from the system.
Just unlocked my first Romulan Tier 1 store today, Mk XI pistols. 11k dil each. Ooh. Aah.

(personally, I don't cap my daily dil, across hours of play. No STFs, so the dil is mostly coming from 45 minutes of Strange New Worlds, daily Academy test, sometimes the Academy event if I can stomach it, and mostly-non-crit doff assignments. Oh, and mining. Total, less than 100k dil since I started playing. And I blew a chunk of that on zen. Finally found my way to Defera, so I've got a whole ~90 omega marks. Definitely not cashing those in for dil any time soon.)

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