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12-05-2012, 04:19 PM
Based on what I have used in PvE or PvP:

Vent Theta Radiation:
pros - holds enemies, destroys target-able weapons (ie mines and heavy torpedoes)
cons - can cause lag
op reason - can cause lag

Bio-Neural Warhead:
pros - has shields and Antiproton turret
cons - lacks the disable ability that a regular Tricobalt has
op reason - has shields and Antiproton turret?

Red Matter Capacitor:
pros - gives power to all subsystems, is not consumed-on-use, can restore disable systems
cons - only gives +25 to each subsystem
op reason - it is not consumed-on-use and only people who have gotten the Special Edition of the game could have it.

Anti-Matter Spread:
pros - causes placate and confuse to all enemies in a 5km radius
cons - placate is short and confuse is relatively short
op reason - can be chained after the immunity cooldown ends

Aceton Assimilator:
pros - drains, does constant radiation damage (which kills all target-able items like mines and heavy torpedoes), and can do a reactive radiation damage if hit with energy weapons, has a high HP
cons - drain is weak and can be resisted 100% with 6 points in Power Insulators
op reason - can only really be damaged with projectiles and hard to kill

Subspace Jumper:
pros - can stay on your target's aft if they try to out maneuver you
cons - auto-decloaks you, requiring you to buff before you attack, reducing your alpha strike time
op reason - when you finally get your target in your fore, they can instantly jump behind you again

Frankly, none of these consoles seem THAT horrible to me. I've been hit with all of the ones listed in this reply several times and I have used/still use them. None have made me want to rage quit a match.

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