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12-05-2012, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by wlc355 View Post
The Klingon game play lacks mission even after doing the entire story line and the daily missions.
More missions are available daily if you completed them the day before, thus creating a temporal vortex of continuous content.

Your argument is invalid.

Originally Posted by wlc355 View Post
I think there need to be more missions for the Klingon game play.
I think so too. It's bunk that, even if you wait until you max your Fed to VA before you level a KDF toon, you're still just... repeating the same content (most of the way, at least.)

Missing out on those first 20 levels... sucks.

But, really, the aesthetic quality of KDF space, and ships, and the playability of the ships, is totally worth it. Even though it's not really as viable of a levelling option as others, Foundry missions are pretty fun. When /if the Foundry is up.