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12-05-2012, 05:43 PM
Gah, ive learned alot in the past days regarding anything which has to do with payed consoles, and have come to one easy conclusion. P2W is the same as ones morality.
Player A finds X console to be OP, while Player B finds X console to be oki, but not console Y. On the other hand Player A finds console Y to be perfectly legit, and thinks Player B is stupit for beliving Y console is OP. And hence the forum pvp starts.

So comes the questions: Who is more correct? Who has the last say?

In essence none. No one is more correct or wrong than the other. Its hard to say which console is OP and which is not. Certainly there are some obvious ones which can be deemed OP by the majority, but how will that stop the minority from using it? Nothing, since we cannot enforce said "ban" properly without fighting among ourselves. And that to say is counterproductive. Heck there are even non-purchasable consoles/mods which all can aquire when you start the game, which is FAR more OP then the ones you pay for (read; Tric mines combined with DPB2/3). How will one grade them by OPness?

I myself have always been a proponent for everyone to use whatever they please, no matter how cheesey cause it helps them win. Why on earth other players wants to enforce SUBJECTIVE rules and regulations is beyond me, since said rules are hampering growth, tinkering with new strategies and tactics as well as creating an athmosphere there the old vets are always the "correct" ones. Maybe it too can be because other players doesnt know how to overcome said problem and hence invent rules to deal with them, hell I dont know. Now how arrogant is that? Who are we to enforce rules on players? Sure ive made complaints on certain payed consoles, but I overcome and adapt. I too know perfectly well that players who use cheese stuff is only capable of doing that to win, so that just tells me how crappy they are. Once we overcome that cheese the victory is just SO much sweeter, cause said cheese player(s) will have a hard time developing something new.

But in light of my last mess I will still be diplomatic and try to work out some deal with the rest of the community, so everyones wishes and concerns are brought to the table. Which console can we in consensus agree upon is a tad OP, and which is not. After we can try to enforce them socially and as respectful human beings as good as we can.

Yes, my 2 cents on the issue.
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