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12-05-2012, 04:43 PM
Ooc: while we wait for Ryan thought I'd give a little back story to Hampton.

Hampton sits on the bridge of the prowler. As his mind drifts to years ago. He thinks of his wife Lisa who has now been dead for 30 years. And how section 31 had approached him for a dangerous procedure. He had been to broken after his loss to tell them no. So they had done it. His aging had all but stopped His aging leaving him looking most like he did at the age of 28. He was stronger and faster then any normal person. His strategic abilities also amplified. He had become a walking weapon. Until he walked out on section 31. While they tried to bring him down he rose higher. Finally they formed an agreement. But now again his strength and speed would be needed for what he was going to do.

Hampton: prepare to beam me to Ross office.

Officer: Sir!

Hampton: just do it and get the hell out of here. He checks both his pistols and grabs an assault weapon.

Soon he beams down to Ross office.