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Originally Posted by darkstarkirian View Post
Why would it take more time off?
You had the time to post here, so you had the time to play and get Dil...

You say you have 15 members in your small fleet? 15 people will take 1.7 days to finish this project if you all maxed your refinement for 2 days.
Unless you can only play a total of 1.9 hours a week... then you could still make the Dil since it only takes about an hour to get 8k dil.
Whoa; slow down there, Turbo! My comment was sarcasm. And, I supose you'll have to pardon me - I thought we were joking back-and-forth, here. 'Wasn't trying to rumple your feathers, nor to take this onto the Vulcan "facts-n-figures" plane.

But, since we're here, the reason it took us so long to grind out the dilithium I mentioned is because we're all more-or-less casual players, and some of us are much more...casual...than others (meaning it's only a few of us really inputting anything). So, "days" and "hours," used in this manner, are relative terms.

Also, as an aside, taking time to read and/or post on a lunch break - which only takes a few minutes or so - is not the same as taking time to play, which, a) I can't and wouldn't do from my office at work and, b) would require more time than I actually have in a day at any point until after I get home.

At any rate, I thank you for your input on the dynamics and logistics regarding how we might go about doing the 'Special Project;' your suggested time frame would work if we got everyone doing it, I'm sure. But, my take-home point was that, however cool this particular aesthetic upgrade is, 200k is WAY too expensive given the outlandish input requirements for other projects - to obtain things that are actually practical in-game.

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