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Kudos to Cryptic for making this available for free to everyone participating in the Winter Event - it looks like a great ship and I'm looking forward to acquiring at least two of them for my KDF characters so bravo!

However, this begs the question:

When the Jem'hadar ship was introduced via lockboxes instead of the C-Store it was justified by Cryptic telling us that CBS mandated that the only way exotic non-faction ships would be allowed in the game is in small numbers.

Obviously this policy has changed since everyone currently playing this game can get the Breen ship if they run the race for 25 days - and make no mistake, there are going to be a lot of these ships sitting outside ESD and Qo'noS.

So really, it's time the Jemmie, the Galor and all those other lockbox ships were put in the C-Store since there's no longer any credible excuse not to.

Make brand new ships and put them in lockboxes instead.
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