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Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
Isn't the Jem bonus Victory for Life bugged? Like for a year now or whatever.

And I agree with the breen ship set over Jem bit. If it's not worth using on a breen ship then it's worthless and you might as well drop it. I have put mine to "good" use however, so I'll simply switch that setup to this breen ship and call it a day, although I feel all ship set bonuses should have a 7.6% treatment with certain weapons to promote going with canon and leave the torp boost to KHG.
I wouldn't say that the Breen set is worthless. I use it on my Galor with the Breen rapid fire transphasic Torpedo and the Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo to quite deadly effect. I have noticed that the Cluster Torpedo crits quite often with this set.
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