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12-05-2012, 06:11 PM
Meh, so far I think the Embassy projects have been better on average than the Starbase ones. Both more elaborate (the Nanov tank definately beats some plants and the Fed not-quite-ready room) and more appropriate. Romulan art(ifacts) in a Romulan embassy, makes sense. Old props, fan-art and a dancefloor belong in a clubhouse, not so much in an in-universe military or research/science facility. Same with the nanov tank, it's there for a reason other than a latent desire to desert starfleet and start a seafood restaurant (fishtanks).

They're pricey, the projects, sure. Especially for idiots like me who just couldn't let go of their personal little alt-fleets, and are really feeling every one of those 200K units. The Embassy ones haven't been awful, though. Granted, only two projects in, room yet remains for disappointment, but I'll cling to any hope I can get.

(Put in a wallscreen in the Fed conference room, or holograms on the glass, and I'll reconsider it when it comes around again. On the other hand, you could drop the price to 0 dilithium, and I'll still not get the lineup of "Heroes of Starfleet" blowup dolls. That's just inappropriate, dude.)

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