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12-05-2012, 07:15 PM
Originally Posted by outlaw51825 View Post
Might be less than you think. I will have to fly this to see if it outdoes my fleet defiant. I honestly dont think it will in raw numbers. A few other factors but if i'm flyin that thing i'm looking to blow something up. However This breen ship has potential i'll say that. I think a lot are going ot get it but may not become permanently flying it.
Plus, a lot of people have made a huge hooplah over flying the ships they like -- it's why we constantly get threads asking for Fleet versions of the Exeter and Excalibur, after all. Even if the Breen ship ends up outperforming current ships (which I kind of doubt, with its Escort layout but middling turn-rate, and only 4 Tactical consoles instead of 5), people will still fly whatever ships they like the best.