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12-05-2012, 08:00 PM
I like ur idea but have to agree with devoras u can make all the rules u want but if u cant enforce them whats the point. Are we going to have an election to vote for a president to apoint a governing body will we have pvp cops out there patroling and crackin heads. This all sounds like fun but who has the time for that we barley have enough time to play with are fleet responsibilitys and the extra work we all already do for this games pvp. you are on the right track though if its one thing we can all agree on its that cryptic has not and doent show any sign of improveing pvp game play... so that leaves it up to the community and thats what you are attempting to do. if i might offer a sugestion. dont throw ur hard work away u did a great job on this horizon try it on a smaller scale u know 5-6 fleets that u know and keep it private like use a web site and not fourms to coordinate the groups goal so u dont get distractions from randoms like me or criticism from those who dont agree with your idea.

what ever u decide good work man u have my support.