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Originally Posted by jkstocbr View Post
From a space perspective ...

A tac captain can tank pretty well in a Cruiser with the right Boff and console setup. You just lack some of the Capitan skills that an engineer would have. What you loose, you gain in other skills that help with damage. Some players have said they tac/Escort and eng/cruiser is too one side and they enjoy tac/cruiser or eng/escort more. Depends on you plays style in the end.

Try an engineer alt and see if you enjoy it.
I enjoy my tact/cruiser so far. But I am only 27 and I haven't really done any group stuff much. As for an although, I am f2p, so no real extra slot other than a Klingon ATM. I guess I could try it, but I'd rather play fed.

Then what should I gear for tanking? I mean what type of weapons and such.

I mean for space, ground I wouldn't mind dpsing as I have noticed I am too squishy for ground combat tanking.