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It really depends on who you're playing with and the scenario, but group space combat in STO isn't about finding a role and sticking to it (because the class differences are fairly diluted) but making the most of whatever team composition you find yourself in, particularly the public STFs.

The most important thing about any given group action is knowing how best to use YOUR ship, and then playing to the most effective strategy for a given mission.

For example, it's more important in Infected Space Elite to stick to the "10% rule" and to keep tabs on the Nanite Spheres than it is for a Cruiser to insist on tanking or an SV to insist on healing or whatever.

STO space combat in STFs is heavily biased towards DPS, so everyone is expected to contribute to killing everything as quickly as possible (and of course sticking to the mission plan). Secondary roles like tanking and healing are, well, secondary, though no one will be mad at you for throwing on the occasional heal or assist.

Things are slightly different in Fleet Actions like No Win Scenario and Starbase defense, which bring in squishy civilian targets to protect and heal. Cruisers and other "support" ships can come into their own in those circumstances, where Escorts and Glass Cannons might not survive the fray long enough to contribute.

Ground Combat and missions are a different story, since the class differences are much more well-defined and the MMO trinity is largely in effect.
So what you are basically saying is that space combat is more about everyone doing their own thing while sticking to mission parameters, helping each other as needed?