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Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
My only question is why anyone needs to "sell" this ship to people.

Sure, it would be nice if it got some bonus from the J'em Set. Sure it would be nice if it had some awesome weapon like quad cannons or something.

BUT ... why do they need to "sell" anyone on something they are giving away for free ?

Sure, it could be a better ship, but I don't expect them to have to "sell" me on it. They are GIVING it to me.

Now personally I think it's an ugly piece of space junk, and will never fly it, except maybe once to test it out and say "OOOO" and "AAAA". But past that, I don't see myself ever flying it.

But it is a good ship. With decent stats, and Boff layout.

So, I guess in conclusion, I ask if someone walks up to you and says "Here, this is a free thing", is your immediate response "Why would I want your free thing? Maybe you'd better sell me on why I should want this thing you are GIVING to me for FREE. You know, really sell it, make me understand why I want it."

... Because it's Free !
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