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So what you are basically saying is that space combat is more about everyone doing their own thing while sticking to mission parameters, helping each other as needed?
In the easier encounters, that typically is the easiest.

In harder events, or PVP, more teamwork becomes important, such as using skills to extend shields around another ship, or sending over engineering teams to help out - and anyone can take these skills and use them, so though class / ships will be able to use more effective versions of them.

Even if an escort is taking fire, a good captain can stay alive for a while, and if it's too much, they should probably move out of range and let the enemy beat on someone tougher (ie: the 'tank', though it's not really tanking like in other MMOs).

Working together in a group with more well defined roles is particularly evident with high level PVP groups, where even focus firing on an escort may not bring it down, with others healing them, science vessels disrupting you with abilities, and so on.

Unless you play on elite difficulty, or coordinated PVP though, you can do fine doing whatever you want, with whatever class or ship you prefer. The normal difficulty level PVE isn't too strenuous a challenge, so you can just play what you think you'd have the most fun with. Sure, an engineer/cruiser has more survivability potential than a tactical/cruiser, but that difference will almost never make enough of a difference in standard PVE. As well, individual skill, abilities used, and gear also make a big difference. I've blown up quite a few engineer/cruisers in PVP like they were made out of paper, while found some engineer/escort and tac/cruisers impossible for me to defeat 1 on 1.
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