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12-05-2012, 08:53 PM
The most common escort setup is dual heavy cannons and maybe a single torpedo or dual-beam fore, turrets aft. Weapon type is whatever you have and like so long as all the same kind (plasma or phaser or whatever). The only catch with plasma is that if you ever PVP, most of the endgame shields are anti-borg gear and so get a resist against plasma, and so you'll lose 20% damage right there (though with the new Romulan stuff that may change eventually). Works just fine for everything else though.

Also a trick you can do at Level 40 / Rear Admiral (which is your last, don't get one at 50), is spend your free upgrade token on an escort (Patrol Escort is a really good choice), and then buy a cruiser and science ship off the Exchange by buying the Mirror Universe ships for really cheap (like 100 grand, which is nothing by endgame). You'll then have access to all three ship types without having to reroll or spend any zen or dilithium, and be able to try them all out.