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Something was changed with the recent patch to make it so the "Starfleet Shuttle Type 8" used on ground and interior maps has the sound of a jet plane attached to it. This sound is extremely obnoxious and objectionable.

There are two problems with this sound, other than the fact it's annoying as hell. First of all, it's completely out of place for a parked shuttle to be making any noise at all, which is what we use the shuttles for 90% of the time. Secondly, it sounds nothing like the shuttles from any of the shows.

Even worse, the sound gets louder and louder with each shuttle you add, so at the point when there are 6 shuttles on the map it sounds like a rocket is taking off. It's really bad. If you want to see, play my mission Atlas Affair, Part 1. You'll hear the "liftoff" as soon as you beam on board the Hyperion.

This sound either needs to be removed from the shuttle, or a separate asset needs to be added without the sound, so we can decide whether we want to use it or not.

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