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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
Oddly, the only time I can think of that requires a true 'tank' in ground is for the boss on Cure ground, which I do as a Science officer.

And technically, I think the tank would be a tactical officer, since they're the ones with the Draw Fire ability, Overwatch, and other such skills.

Just stick with what you enjoy. At higher levels for an escort, you want Dual Heavy Cannons primarily. At lower levels, I find dual cannons better just because you have fewer weapon slots and the rate of fire with just a couple weapons, and limited tactical bridge officer abilities mean DHCs are too slow without skills to back them up.

And unless you plan on doing PVP, just choose the weapon type you like the most. None of the weapon types have an overwhelming advantage over any other, though they all behave a little differently.
So if I stay with cruisers what type of weapons should I run? I have 2 plasma beam arrays and hargh'peng on fore and 3 plasma turrets on aft. Seems to be working well, but if there is a better option I'd go with it.