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08-12-2009, 03:28 PM
As Devchats are usually at ungodly hours in my morning (like 430am) I shal post the q's that were missed in Ask Cryptic.

- In the shows all we saw on the Fed side were essentially 3 types of phaser from a small handheld to a phaser rifle. Will be limited thusly, or shall we have an Elite force type range of weapons?

- How will targetting work (PCs, NPCs and inanimate objects assuming one can phaser a boulder or debris away)? Will it be FPS style mouse controlled targetting or lock on style targetting?

- How will damage levels, hit % and crit % be handled? Will it be skill based or will it go up automatically with each rank?

- Will be able to use the environment to our advantage, e.g phaser a bridge to collapse with enemies on it or cause a rock fall over enemies?

- Will we be able to stun our enemies? As Feds usually prefer stun over actually killing them.