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So if I stay with cruisers what type of weapons should I run? I have 2 plasma beam arrays and hargh'peng on fore and 3 plasma turrets on aft. Seems to be working well, but if there is a better option I'd go with it.
Whatever works for you and you're happy with is good, as long as you're not having trouble completing missions, unless you're just seeking to get the best performance you can.

That said, conventionally, cruisers will equip up to 3 beam arrays fore, and 3 beam arrays aft (any more than 6 beam arrays total and the energy drain from the weapons will actually reduce your damage), and optionally a torpedo launcher fore and/or aft. The common tactic here is to go for broadside barrages with your beam arrays. Since beam arrays have a 250 degree arc, if you keep the enemy ship to the side of your ship, both your fore and rear beam arrays will be able to hit it at once, which is more damage than beam arrays and turrets will give you.
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