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Originally Posted by dudebguy View Post

Not really true, the above is also true for ground combat.
Oddly, the only time I can think of that requires a true 'tank' in ground is for the boss on Cure ground, which I do as a Science officer.

And technically, I think the tank would be a tactical officer, since they're the ones with the Draw Fire ability, Overwatch, and other such skills.
Point taken, though what I meant to say is that in Ground Combat individual classes are more strictly defined in terms of what they can do because of Kit restrictions. Barring special equipment or devices, the only guy who will ever be able to use Stasis Field, Tachyon Harmonic, or Medical Tricorder will be a Sci officer, and the only guy who will be able to use mine barrier is the Engi, and the only guy with draw fire or whatever is the Tac guy.

True, most players and team compositions will be able to cope with any given situation, but the strategies they'll end up using are more defined by their class.

Compare this to space combat. Any Engi can basically fly a cannon escort with the right boffs and gear, and any Tac can jump into a Beam Boat cruiser or a hardcore sci-carrier. Anyone can do anything, and the unique class-based powers (like Nadion Inversion Attack Pattern Alpha, or Dampening Field) are more like icing on the cake to tailor a playstyle. An engi in a cannon escort won't push out the same DPS numbers as a Tac in the same setup, but will be tougher and tankier when the time comes to absorb some hits, and so on.