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12-05-2012, 10:14 PM
i felt as i was to the point, but i can clarify a few points:

kai: all ships and consoles are available for you to play. so why pick and choose which ones? everyone has likes and dislikes for certain ones. yet there are counters, hard or soft, to all of maybe that time bubble thing, but...never the less. what i seek is moderation, since the game doesn't provide it for us. run whatever you want, but its in excess that i aim to influence a "so to speak" curbing of. no one like fighting 5 grav pulses chained. or 5 thetas chained...ect ect. which we all know any half dead competent can put together.

livin: there would be no governing body, but ourselves. i seek some kind of respect among peers. ive been on just about, if not every teamspeak or vent server out there. all i find are great people for the most part, that just have different ways of attacking the game. and different opinions on what is okay to run, and what is not okay.

regulus: of course all of this has been proposed before. but everyone always picks and chooses specifically what can and can't be run. in this proposal, everything is okay. just in moderation. nothing wrong with a little self restraint for the sake of better gaming, is there?

did everyone not get the gist of the threads created by devoras and tripwire, and several others across the past few months? everyone has a specific list of what is okay, and what is not. the following vitriol only fuels the divide between this small group.

and if you are out there pugging it up.... who cares, run whatever. nothing wrong with just q'ing up to have some fun..... in a solo manner. and there are lots out there that wish to do just that. why q up with a 5 man and "super cheese" however you define it...the opposing team to death. which is all i see out there for the past 6 months at least. no one out there organizing good even matches through opvp.

Pax has extended his teamspeak tons of time on the forums and in chat. all of the turks, who i found to be one of the most intellectual groups ive been around since panda hay day, all run modest, team oriented builds. and the matches are great.

bootcamp is up, kind of. why not build on these things with moderation, and respect for the opposing team's position in mind?

edit: the only other option out there i see, is just take the gloves off, and go at it. but we've all seen how that turns out.

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