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08-12-2009, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by Godot View Post
What you could describe as 'ground combat' occurs relatively rarely in Star Trek episodes, and when it does, it is typically brief. On that note, some questions: How would you describe the blend of action to 'story' elements in the game? How will this action be integrated with the story? Will some missions be heavily combat based, and some more 'talky', and will this be clear when accepting missions?

will there be missions in which the main goal is repairing something or bringing medical aid. it seams to me that the non-combat based missions will be more interesting to people who chose to play a scientist or engineer. some combat makes it more interesting but I would be equally satisfied if a diplomatic solution can be found and its really up to the player how things are handled.

so these are my questions:
  • what can I do on a mission besides combat?
  • can you talk and trade yourself out of situations that would otherwise lead to a fire fight?
  • will there be a "spacecraft" skill that will make it easier for you when you try to trade or negotiate instead of fight (if that is even posible)?