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Originally Posted by curs0r View Post
These things are subjective. I couldn't disagree more with that assessment of it. But I will be running the race just for the fun of that. Weird world, ain't it?
Not really, game mechanics are not subjective, and from the perspective of a optimal DPS/Survivability/Control (Grav well) layout, this ship is an extremely good battlecruiser/escort.

The only other layout that might be superior is a Lt Cmdr Engineer slot with (2x) Aux to Battery and Technician doffs. I'm sure we'll see that layout in the near future.

Any layout with cannons and a Cmdr & LT tac BO layout is probably going to be a good ship (ie Temporal Destroyer). It's just the right amount of slots to maximize cannons without waste, and pure cannon builds simply outperform anything else.

Your desire of how you may like your ships to fly is subjective, but when it comes down to number crunching, not so much.

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