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12-05-2012, 10:56 PM
Short-term requests

My biggest peeves are with relatively simple things in the exchange. If I could choose ONLY these three, they are the three I would choose

1. fix it so you can change an items price on it WITHOUT taking it down first

2. fix it so you can compare an item you have for sale to the exact same item by highest/lowest price first, with a simple right click on the item and click compare. Imagine how much time it would save people if they didn't have to type out the whole EXACT name of the thing they are looking for every single darn time you want to see what other people are selling it for

3. fix it so you can have both the fab/craft window AND the exchange window open at the same time, so you do a search for something and make the same thing if it looks like it'll sell well.

Mid-term requests

More exchange tweaks (yes, I don't think so highly of it, really)

1. Make duty officers searchable both by their traits, faction, and profession, not by having to search for each individually one-at-a-time the way it is now by profession, but by a screen with checkboxes for each profession, and each trait (don't forget a clear all/check all checkbox too) The same for weapons (and anything else with multiple attributes) and the attributes they can have, including rarity and price

2. More filters for things on the exchange: prices, and more than 400 items displayed at a time

Those things would make a world (more like a universe) of difference for the better on the exchange.

3. More Skills: I'd like it if my officers could have more than one of the same rank, or they themselves could equip kits, and more than one. There's just a lack of things I can use at a time

4. Exchange officer organization: sometimes after I fill my assignments I have duty officers which have no special traits or aren't suited to the missions I have- that I want to sell. But, I forget their names, and profession. But, this may not be necessary, isn't there a notepad in game somewhere?

Long term requests:

1. Space- the final frontier, but it really doesn't look that big does it, at least not in STO with what 15 Sector blocks of 3 sectors each? I want it to be much much bigger, imagine a map 5 or 10 times as many sector blocks, lots of missions and places to go. Add sector blocks to the gamma and delta quadrants and beta and even Alpha Quadrants

2. Solar systems to explore, rather than just a planet or in sector space

3. Basically just a lot more content.

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