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Originally Posted by darkstarkirian View Post
The Frozen set is an Anti-Breen set, it's designed to fight against Breen. So bad synergy.
Other than the fact that it comes from the Deferi missions what makes you say this?

The set is named the 'Breen Absolute Zero' set.

The deflector buffs the Flow Capacitors skill which will boost the Breen Energy Syphon.

The engines are "supercooled", and are efficient at low power levels because they have "superconducting manifolds" which is another reference to the coldness.

The Set 2 bonus is Superconducting Phase Channels, which is not only another reference to cold but buffs transphasic torpedos, (and ironically the two Breen weapons are both Transphasic Torpedos)

The set 3 bonus is a Breen Energy Syphon.

The only thing that this set does to defend agains the Breen is the shield having a 20% resist to Polaron weapons, and this could just as be an Anti-Jem'Hadar shield and not anti-Breen.

The set makes more references to the fact that the Breen live in a very cold climate and boosts most of the thing that the Breen themselves use... it would make sense for this set to have a bonus for the Chel Grett...

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