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12-06-2012, 12:17 AM
my resume, after reading through this thread: You can not make a movie for star trek fans...

1.) not all star trek fans have the same taste in movies
2.) You can't bring back the cast of TNG or TOS, so you are screwed already from the start, because the cast will most likely be refuted by the fans.
3.) If you manage to make a movie in the spirit of the old movies like khan will not find a studio to produce it, and if you manage it will most likely be a financial failure

on a related issue: sex scenes in movies or rare occasions they enhance certain emotions and give depth to characters and their relationships or bring a certain degree of intimisy between the audience and the those cases it is ok if not needed to understand the character and his followup decissions etc.

but, sex scenes are hardly ever placed in movies for those reasons...thats why they seem stupid or unnecessary. Sex in Trek? why not? if it fits the characters and the story, yes...will this ever be the case in a trek movie...doubt it.
The scene with kirk and the orion girl was hardly a sex scene anyway and in that case in order to underline kirks lady's man attitude. Too bad actually that the 2 additional scenes with that orion girl were cut, where it is made clear that kirk used her to place that program into the kobayashi maru simulation, since she was working in the simulator control room and the second scene where he apologzes to her for using her that way. Too bad it wasn't her and kirk made a complete fool of himself.
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