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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
"Force People"? You make it sound like the fleet I belong to are bullies. Where we grumply growl and use harsh language to get our way. We simply have fleet rules, like everyone has their own set of them. One of the Fleet rules is No Universal Grief to win consoles in PVP Ques. The reasons for are also explained as to how we've run into those consoles and feel they are not necessary in order to win, and can eaisly, in the hand of a skilled 5 man team, cause harm to the value of fun during such a match.
How ever, considering the Latest Reign of Season 7, and the continue lack of interest from the Development Staff in PVP, I can't guarentee (since I'm not personally a fleet leader as far as I am aware) what the rest of the fleet does. You want that sort of information, talk with the leaders that still play Startrek Online (if any).

I personally have nothing against fleets and their own set of codes, rules or what not. It also doesn't bother me if one fleet is more strict then another. If I don't agree with their ways I won't join up with them. It's that simple. But what I do have a problem with, is seeming double talk. Where there's a claim of fair play yet only on your terms. Terms that can change on a whim from what I have witnessed. Now I could be wrong.. Which I'll get into later.

My words, dear Tripwire, don't come from a misunerstanding, but from experience of the past. I am against the Ideals of any who feels that using any and every griefable effect in STO PVP does not cause any harm. And is willing to use such grief tactics in order to ruin the fun of anyone else who trys to PVP. I have been in the Queues time and again in the past up until Season 7 where I have run into the Nova Core. And each and every time they ran the consoles that cause the most Grief: Anti-matter spread and Vent Theta Radiation in some form or fashion. In addition to that almost any other console, ship ability, or Lobi store combination they could get their hands on, despite how often the words of "This is an Overpowered, or grief causing effect, it shouldn't be used." gets placed on the forums, in Organized PVP, or any other form of media tied to the PVP in this game. Perhaps one or two individuals may have not used as much of the Griefable aspects of those items, but has been my experience that if you see Nova Core, you can expect such tactics. Same for S.O.B.

How ever, I am not an unfriendly indivudal. Despite the taunts, or other mocking words I may use in general channels during PVP matches, Ker'rat, or Organized PVP. I do enjoy Fair play and a good time in the PVP Ques. IF going to your Team speak, talking with your members, and reading your Charter could bring about some form of enlightnment, I'm sure I could be all for it. Not that I expect a friendly atmosphere towards me while being there, I'd be willing to do that since you offered. Because I have yet to have anyone in Nova Core make such an offer to me in the past.

Very well, I will mail you, how ever I do not understand how that would be me "Backing up my words." Unless there is something that you got from what I said that you feel I need to prove. Which I couldn't possibly understand what it could be. Because I haven't said that Nova Core is a group full of.. Rude, and unintelegent trolls who resort to grief tactics to win, for example.. And nor have I here in this statement as such that was an example, not me stating a fact or even an opinion, because it would be false. I'm afraid how ever I do not recall your @ handle in order to do so, so if you would be so kind as to provide it (Incase you haven't already and I've just missed it while scrolling through most of the previous responses) I will be sure to respond soon.
@u.s.s.bloodmage I look forward to hearing from you.

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