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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
I don't know where you are getting those numbers.

I got my numbers directly from the system..
Well my console was 15K, Green Scorpions are 15K, Borg Set (14+14+14+15) used to be 0 and about 15+1 missions, and I am only at T2. Guess I am assuming T3,4,5 will be more expensive.

Originally Posted by linyive View Post
I don't know what game you are playing, but the ones I get from Ferra are very-very good in quality.

Did you complete a whole duty officer commendation series? After I completed all of the diplomatic duty officer ranks, Ferra started to give me some really nice duty officers. You just have to know how to use the officers.

You can also get higher ranked duty officers from the fleet store. Instead of paying for them with energy credits and dilithium, you can now buy duty officers with fleet credits.
Yes, done that, and I have to disagree with you.

Some doffs are OK, but a lot are stubbon and/or unruly (or something else that comes up red in mission selection), there is not a single one with Resolve, and when I make a list of what skills I am looking for and, more importantly, what I am not, hey presto, Fab Engs, Def Offs, Exp Epts, Q Mstrs, Dia Engs, and Techns score low on logical and temwork, stubborn their not so bad (except when you really need it) and half of the others get rulled out for many missions because of other negative traits.

I have bought some, but my best doffs have come from the exchange and occasionally the doff grinder (which I miss using).

I concede your point on the fleet store, as I dont do starbases.
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