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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
We'll just have to agree to disagree here

Separating the fire from your DHC's benefits your spike potential in that you are firing your main weapon at it's maximum potential weapon power level and in that you are firing them close together. If you just autofire them and 2 turrets happen to go off just slightly before your dhc's are ready to go, then there will be greater lag between your first 2 DHC's and the other two, or one or whatever.
The more able you are to instantaneously maximise your energy damage, the more you can practice timing, say, torpedoes into that gap.
It's true though that it requires alot of micromanagement and practice to get used to though.

Single best change I ever made, in my opinion, to my DD play.

EDIT: I would be wary of binding TT to the same key as epts though. You want epts up all the time, but not necessarily TT. Keep those separate would be my recommendation.
Why not keep TT up all the time? It is on the same CD timer as EPtS, so can be permanently running if you have it twice, and it gives a rather nice 10% damage bonus, as well as keep your shields facing the right way.