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# 1 Exchange tweaks needed
12-06-2012, 04:16 AM
My biggest peeves are with relatively simple things in the exchange.

1. fix it so you can change an items price on it WITHOUT taking it down first.

2. fix it so you can compare an item you have for sale to the exact same item by highest/lowest price first, with a simple right click on the item and click compare. Imagine how much time it would save people if they didn't have to type out the whole EXACT name of the thing they are looking for every single frickin time you want to see what other people are selling it for

3. fix it so you can have both the fab/craft window AND the exchange window open at the same time, so you do a search for something and make the same thing if it looks like it'll sell well.

More exchange tweaks (yes, I don't think so highly of it)

1. Make duty officers searchable both by their traits, faction, and profession, not by having to search for each individually one-at-a-time the way it is now by profession, but by a screen with checkboxes for each profession, and each trait (don't forget a clear all/check all checkbox too) The same for weapons (and anything else with multiple attributes) and the attributes they can have, including rarity and price

Everquest 2's broker interface, which is way better than here, has most of these things

Though I wonder if this will fall on deaf ears, I took a haitus from STO (I started near the beginning) because I didn't like some things, this being one of them, a year and half later, it's still this way, and it sucks. I'm only asking for some simple things to save some time and decrease repetition.