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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
This looks like a good movie but JJ's Star Trek is beginning to look less and less like Star Trek and more and more like Die Hard in Space. It's pretty clear to me JJ has never even watched Star Trek, it's not all about killing and explosions, it's about exploration, not only exploration of space but an exploration of the human condition.

To me JJ's films are just exploitative popcorn movies designed to rake in as much cash as possible and using the Star Trek IP as a wrapper. I hope I'm wrong, but even the poster picture looks more like Batman than Picard.
If you do the research, you'll know that he DOES have a general knowledge of ST, but prefered Star Wars as a child They needed a new take on the franschise for the general audience, ie not made specifically for ST fans. What better way to get that than from him?

You probably won't like it, but that is the perspective about this whole thing: He knows what ST was about, and he's making sure this new Trek isn't like it, because that's the point. It has ST's name, and it's characters, but that's about it in similarities. But rather than focus on comparsions, I'll personally enjoy it on it's own merits, as a standalone alternate version of ST

And on this thread's note, definitely liked the trailer (though the woman with blond hair's acting could have been shot better), and am excited for it. Villian sounds like Khan in wording, but looks like Gary Mitchell... hmm, will have to see about that.
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