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12-06-2012, 05:27 AM
WTF???? Why is everybody complaining for stuff in game????
Do those brats always have to have everything best and everything new immediately?
Rising a child in the believe that everything best should be theirs?
I have no words....

Why should all ships have same power, weapons, consoles? What balance are they talking about?
Have you ever watched any of the tv series or movies?
If it should bebalanced, then Kelvin would have no problem dealing with the Narada, Enterprise would not have to rush to Wolf359 etc... I bet ther are many more examples. Ships can't be all same power and same equipment. There would be no use for class then.

But I know " I HAVE TO HAVE THE BEST I GAME" applies here as well i guess. As everywhere in life.... pappa and mami gave you everything you pointed at and when some child has better, you step on him, right?

Horray for the complaints for everything