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12-06-2012, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
everything shiny, thank you for the updates, but PLEASE, do something with the Fleet Marks!

it is a pain to wait for hours in the KDF queue, and nor everybody has his DOFF's maxed to tier 4.

give us other opportunities - star base officer on the watch daily should give at least 50, on the embassy there should be another 50 available.. that would at least be a reasonable amount (you need 5k fleet marks fome some projects..)!

thank you

btw - i didn't get into the "Breaking the planet" daily ONCE in the last week!
Agreed or just have plain marks.....I have bucket loads of Omega Marks that I can't use.

another idea, allow me to turn Fleet Credits into Marks (with a reduction penalty of course)

plus this one, get rid of the Fleet Mark Bonus hours and just make it permanent. I dont bother to run those missions unless it is the bonus hours, payout is too small otherwise.


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