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12-06-2012, 06:32 AM
Since the object of this mission is to rescue the Rihannsu (No, I won't call them Romulans) ships and NOT to destroy as many Tholians as you can, it seems to me that the strategy that should be employed would be:

Divide into two groups. Each group needs a TANK and a deactivator. Obviously one group will have an extra person to help the tank.

Tank engages Tholians and pulls them AWAY from the asteroid. AWAY not towards because the person deactivating the tractor beams isn't fighting, nor do you want them to. Every time they get shot you are wasting seconds that could be used down the line.

Rihannsu ship is free, move on to next.

The idea that you should be killing Tholians is wrong headed. It its NOT the objective. Wasting time killing all, or most, of the Tholians to get at the tractor beams is not productive timewise.

Just some thoughts,