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12-06-2012, 07:30 AM
The good part is, MK XII isn't so much better than MK X. So why not get an MK X as soon as you can and stick with it for a while. To get to T5 takes you 36 days, assuming you run both xp projects once every day. Thats a long time. Also how many people will log in every day over such a period of time? So in the end it might take you 2 months to get up to T5.

So I would say go for the MK X version and just stick with it. Once you hit T5 and have some dil to spare you can upgrade but there is no need to hurry.

Actually before the rep system I did not bother to get all my toons MK XII as well. Just made enough STFs to get 2 piece borg and buy an MK X shield if I did not get lucky with a drop. After that I made some STFs from time to time and did upgrade some chars if I got lucky but I never worried much about getting all MK XII.