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12-06-2012, 07:41 AM
they could likely get the kits cranked out.. SCi kits just change the blue glowy to a red glowey..

Any of you notice that (even though they're hidiously expensive but the) Ferengi outfits at the Lobi store are Fed wear only... Ya know, ORION MALES might enjoy wearing those jackets... but NOOOOOOOOO! (in my best Jake Blues voice) for that matter, any KDF member would lovce to have that jacket..

"Oh, nice jacket. Where did you aquire it? Oh, this old rag.. it is comfortable.. I took it from Ferengi that defaulted on a contract. It didn't work out for him. Amazing fabric. The blood didn't even stain it! *sound of Klingon Laughter*..."
(see, easily rp'd even)

Sheesh Cryptic.. good job ya know... and I noted the complaint of LOBI crystals are bound bound to the toon not the account.... I'm not sure if this is an attempt at subtlety, malicious forsight, or someone just never quite though of it.. Really DEV people..its not like your not allready gouging your players for cash.

((I've decided to change my mind.. I'm going to rag on cryptic in these forums untill they get thier **** together on the KDF faction. If they do the work they will make even more money..but the sad excuse that thier "numerics" don't support doing the work, when the studio's own screw up caused the lack of numerics in the first place make it an excuse, not a reason.. and not a very good one at that. When KDF numbers dropped going in year 2 and the addition of FvF PvP it should have been a big hint that they just P.O.'d a bunch of customers..

The Studio does not have my trust in any way shape or form any more... but if they get on the ball with the KDF content they might just barely get a nodding bit of respect for showing that somewhere in those used car salesmen brain pans of the studio's exec there just might possibly be a hint of BRAIN.

There, now I feel better.))

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