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12-06-2012, 08:03 AM
Well Issue #1 with any strategy is that there is a max reward ceiling. Or if the next reward tier is there is stupid high as I have been in a match thats freed 6 scims and several other large ships and still got the 18/22 reward.

Best tactic is good DPS and duo. Anything less than a tholian dreadnaught is clearable in under 40 solo and as a team 20 seconds so all falls into joke category as far as tactics there just wipe em and start on tractors.

As far as the dreadnaught goes, well its dread slow and incapable of turning, Have one guy go over and TBR it away and he can then go back free and work on the tractors. I've actually pulled it off with just grav wells + Doff and VM. You just wait till a second GW spawns then VM the dread, it gets dragged 2 km away you pick its far turn point go there and free the scim before it gets back. This isnt as reliable as just shoving it away with repulsors though.

But its all sorta pointles as even a half baked team of cruisers and an afker can still get max point easy.