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12-06-2012, 08:11 AM
You know, I don't think I am going to rag on them anymore than normal. Stahl maybe right, they are just doing what they are told. Safer that way for them- I understand.

One thing I think I am going to try is getting Cryptic to pay me to play Starfleet Online. With a little self control, I could stop purchasing non-Klingon items from the C-store with Zen I put into the game from my wallet- COMPLETELY! All of these blogs and stuff on dillithium got to me thinking why not let them pay me. I have a stipend for my LTS. I can farm Dillithium with the best of them. And I can use the Zen-Dil Exchange thanks to that blog as well.

It maybe time they gave a little back to me for lack of KDF content...

I encourage others to try the same.