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This post is a little dumb, his argument for defend the use of the p2w consoles is ridiculous, ur made your reputation, now deal with it, or if u want to "clean" your name, start to play like a man, good pvp'ers don't use that crap.

Originally Posted by ivantomdisplay View Post
Intrepid and defiant are not free. At least not for me, the silver player. So its p2w from my perspective.
Then ur perpective is limited. End-game ships area aviable via zen (or buy zen with dilithium, or buy the ship/modules in exchange that someone payed with zen), with that "perspective" the entire game is P2W, so go to fly a free tier3-4 ship...

The point here is that a console can break the game balance and ruin players experience, a ship don't. A little more of hull or a slighty better boff layout, or a little more of turn rate won't harm the game as a theta vent or a graviton pulse do. I prefer have a game vs 5 jem'hadar that vs 5 graviton pulse, u can slow down/disable/debuff a jem'hadar an remove that turn rate advantage that they have over other escorts, but there is nothing u can do against a team spamming theta vent, o using graviton pulse with maxed decompiler.
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