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12-06-2012, 08:31 AM
I agree that Fleet Marks should have more avenues to acquire.

In my opinion, it's too easy to level up in the game. Skill point acquisition is simply too easy. What I would recommend is earning Fleet Marks through regular game play in exchange for skill points with the base criteria being you must be in a Fleet to be able to earn Fleet Credit.

FC is earned only as a completion to missions (not just shooting stuff like skill points are currently earned). You would still earn SP, just not as much because you are ALSO earning FC. The FC could then be "sold" only at your starbase for Fleet Marks, which could then be donated toward the fleet project.

So, naturally, you would have to "unlock" the ability to exchange FC for FM at the base. This could be a Tier 2 project - first you must earn the exchange privelidge through the sweat and tears of effort. After that the exchange rate doesn't have to be 1:1 either, but at ... 100:1 - FC:FM.

This would get people to play content designed to get you into space or on the ground. DOffing would be excluded BUT certain DOff assignments would reward FM directly by nature of the assignment. Naturally, DOff assignments from the Starbase dirctly would always have FM as a reward.

This may slow the SP acquisition through missions, but any other method of SP gain would remain intact. And of course, all current avenues of FM gain would be in place as well.

I will say this, the Officer of the Watch daily provides a pitance of FM even if the mission are rediculously easy. Raising the number would have me flying to the Starbase more often. Then again, if Cryptic were to increase FM gain through another method like above, then the OotW daily could stay the same.
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