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I have been playing this game for roughly 12mths, mainly solo play. Recently decided to re-roll KDF as an engineer and I simply love it. In order for me to fully appreciate and experience STO, I am looking for a fleet to call home.

The fleet needs to be welcoming to all members, well organised with regular fleet group event/STFs and an ambition to be 1 of the best KDF fleets. A mature environment which maintains activity as much as possible to cater for all member time zones. I am mainly a PvE player and as such I try to encourage anyone I team with to experience all PvE content, this should be carried over to the fleet. I tend to stay away from RP so offers from RP only fleets will be ignored, however forum RP is fine providing its optional to members.

You don't have to be a long term fleet which is stable and well known, I will happily consider new fleets as I'm always willing to help you build up and focus on starbases. I am in no way an experienced STO player so a fleet with vast experience who helps newer members would be a priority.

Any friendly and positive responses will be most welcome, thank you for reading.
Iperial Invasion Warriors (IIF) is currently recruiting. Contact Karbik@DL9905 for info and Invite. We are New. Our Federation Fleet is the "Earth Order Of Captains" I look forward to hearing from you.