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Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post

you mean the "Breaking the Planet" and "Federation Minefield"

i am able to do Fed Minefield, BUT, 5 of my 6 maxed KDF toons ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE THE "DAILY" Fed. Minefield mission, because it does not show up in the "available missions"!!!

So i can have the 960 Dill and drops, but no marks!

I wrote a ticket about it some days ago - still no response.. anybody knows what i should do?
Or am i just assuming something that is not functioning that way?
This appears to be working as intended.

There is only *one* fleet action that is a daily on each faction. For Feds it could be Klingon Scout Force, Big Dig, or Gorn Minefield. It's chosen randomly each day and you may go several days without seeing your favorite. For KDF it's Fed Minefield, Breaking the Planet, and Big Dig.
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