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12-06-2012, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by koppenflak View Post
I mean... this thing is truly fantastic, but I hope it's not going to set a precedent that could render every other ship in Tier 5 obsolete!
I believe that's the point. This thing is a giant escort more or less, with fleet ship stats ad cruiser level weapons and defences almost as good as a cruiser's. I would say this outshines quite a few fleet ships easily and may very well be indicative of what the future of ship design will be. After all, they need to have something new that people will want since so many already have fleet/lockbox ships. It really feels like they're positioning this new type of ship as an eventual T6 +1 (assigning Fleet and lockbox ships as an unnamed T6)

I just have to ask, why is it that its never actual Starfllet/KDF vessels that get the good stuff? Why is it always NPC factions? The closest we got were the timeships.