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Originally Posted by generator88 View Post
Hey, thanks for the feedback. For now I'm trying a setup like this:

Tac Cmdr: TT1, HYT2, CRF2, APO3
Tac LC: TT1, TS2, BO3
Eng Lt: ET1, EPTS2
Sci Lt: HE1, JS2

The jury's still out b/c the Norgh I'm currently commanding has sort of a "low ceiling" for Boffs, but so far it's doing as well as I expected it to (I know PVE missions aren't going to tax a ship's full measure, but for now it's the measuring stick I've got handy). My spider-sense is telling me that Jam Sensors isn't going to be as good as I want it to be, but I have to at least try it out. If it ends up being swap-bait, I'll try out something else, like TSS.

Thanks again!
Throwing in my 2c.

Running three teams (Tacticalx2 and Engineering) on a ship is going to create difficulties with the global cooldowns. I'd suggest switching out ET1 for EPTS1 so you have EPTS up all the time. Also, tractor beams aren't a big issue in PvE. You can ride out the storm, even in a BoP. For teamplay, I'd recommend an Attack Patern Beta. Standard setup for me, if you want to use a DBB and Torpedo's, would be:

TT1/CRF1/ (Apo1 or AtB2) / CRF3

If you drop eighter the torpedo or the DBB, I'd go with the following:

TT1/CRF1/ApO or AtB/CRF3
TT1/ (overload 2 or HYT) / ApO or AtB

You can create some funky builds with the Birds of Prey with some doffs. Using two purple doffs that reduce the cooldown on Tactical Team, you can get away with running one tactical officer. When I feel like flying around in Ker'rat, annoying feds, I run the following on my BoP. Just cannons and turrets:

Pol. Hull/HE2/TSS3
EptS1/Aux to SiF

If you're not getting tractored much, you can switch the Pol. Hull for a Tractor Beam.

And last, but not least, try using Scatter Volley in PvE. I enjoy it much more than CrF when it comes to killing baddies. Two scatter volleys with some attack patern beta loving speeds up the STF's and normal PvE even more.

*EDIT: Forgot to add this: How do you want to fly her? Do you want to strike hard and vanish, or do you like sticking around in a fight?
Bo'rek Khard.

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