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Originally Posted by playhard88 View Post
This post is a little dumb, his argument for defend the use of the p2w consoles is ridiculous, ur made your reputation, now deal with it, or if u want to "clean" your name, start to play like a man, good pvp'ers don't use that crap.

Ahh. Another belligerent response. I am not defending p2w consoles. I am saying that players regardless of what fleet they are from or how good they are have no control over what other players choose to equip or refrain from equipping on their starship. Fleet leaders can work honestly and sincerely to create a culture of what is in good taste and what is not. But this is a game. Our members are not on our payroll. And we cannot force the way you decide to play on to them. Also you assume everytime a Nova Core team runs into the queue we have each ship stacked 5 high with the same console. But that simply is not true. At one point a decision was made to run AMS to counter all the other AMS from everyone else running it. This is where the trouble started. I cannot change that. All I can do is ensure that moving forward things are done in the best possible way to perform exceptionally in combat while still leaving room for fun gameplay on both sides of the battlefield.

Then ur perpective is limited. End-game ships area aviable via zen (or buy zen with dilithium, or buy the ship/modules in exchange that someone payed with zen), with that "perspective" the entire game is P2W, so go to fly a free tier3-4 ship...

His perspective is fine. Your perspective only has one point of view. In your eyes everyone else is wrong. But that is simply not true. Everyone is pay to win. You either pay in time or grinding "tokens" and in the end still are required to purchase a product either with dilithium or cash.

The point here is that a console can break the game balance and ruin players experience, a ship don't. A little more of hull or a slighty better boff layout, or a little more of turn rate won't harm the game as a theta vent or a graviton pulse do. I prefer have a game vs 5 jem'hadar that vs 5 graviton pulse, u can slow down/disable/debuff a jem'hadar an remove that turn rate advantage that they have over other escorts, but there is nothing u can do against a team spamming theta vent, o using graviton pulse with maxed decompiler.

You are correct. A console can break game balance. A ship can break game balance. Players only equip and fly the ships provided. This is not a player issue. This is a design issue. So you want to bash players and fleets for using what has been intentionally designed because you don't like the fact that it's out of line of how the games mechanics should actually work according to who? You? me? us? everyone? You have no control over that. You can't blame another player for that? You can't dictacte to that player that they spent their money on the wrong console or tell them to dock their ship until its fair to fly it. But Cryptic can. And until they do the jungle will be the jungle... There is a council of fleets that are meeting tommorow to discuss what larger well known fleets and premade teams can do to alleviate the problem. But I assure you the best we can do is create atmosphere. We can create a culture within this "council" that will adhere to standards. But this council still will not control the fleets and players in the public queue who don't adhere to or are not of aware of such culture. We can try and educate them on why it is beneficial but if they refuse? What would you do? Bash them? Berate them? Tell them they are less than you? Players don't have power over the public queue. Get it through your head.
Again your assumption is that whatever fleet team you come across in question is knowingly stacking whatever consoles 5 high everytime you see them on the other side of a match. This is a perfect example of why in fact it is your logic that is at fault. Has it ever occured to you that in fact a fleet team may only have one or two of the said "cheese" consoles in question? Then what? What if they use one or two of those consoles with extreme effectiveness? Are they still a bunch of mindless spammers? Or is there more at work here? You act like these consoles are press one button and the other players respawn. It doesn't work like that. Even the cheesiest consoles still require a setup and an execution at the right time on the right target. Some fleets do this better than others both with and without whatever console is in question.

Again, I am not defending consoles, skills, ships, weapons, or whatever is clearly overpowered or not working as we the player would believe is intended. What I am saying however is that neither you nor anyone else on this forum or in this or any other game can regulate the use of such things in a public queue system. Private queues and tournaments are completely different. And for that very reason support the enforcement of strict regulation of whatever kind for the purpose of the match or in game event.

Let no other player discourage you from what you believe you can achieve in PvP. Though you may walk alone through looming shadows of doubt cast upon you by your enemies. Forge your heart with iron casting its shape out of only your pure will to push forward. You will not be denied eventually.

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