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12-06-2012, 09:33 AM
Hello trinidog,

i don't use the workaround anymore because the current Intel driver package (Kernel 3.6.8 + Intel 2.20.14 + libdrm 2.4.40 + Mesa git) doesn't have this issue but some performance issues on my new Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770t (HD 4000).

The following issues still exists:

1.) Every time a planet/part of a planet is on the screen the framerate drops from around 30-50 to 5-10. This is bad for 3 of the 4 Space STF's. I'm using a 1280x1024 screen resolution and all video settings are set to minimal/off

2.) After 2-3 Fleet missions (e.g. SB24, Mirror Event, Fleet Defense, STF's, etc.) i have to restart the STO client because of some kind of heavy lags starts. I'm using still WINE 1.4.1 so maybe this could be the issue. I will check this in the future.

Which distribution do you use?
Which version of Kernel, Intel driver, Mesa, libdrm do you use?