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12-06-2012, 10:49 AM
I'd be glad to help. I have a D'kora (on an engineer), with the full Ferengi set.

1. You can choose either a standard cruiser build on this, or you can use DHCs and turrets. If you have points in Impulse Thrusters, and use the Battle Mode of the D'kora (on the console it comes with) you will be able to make DHCs work quite well.

2. The set bonuses are all non-combat, so only the pieces themselves are what can be useful. Of the three, the console is generally considered the best. The missiles can be nice, but while they are 180 degree firing arc and shoot very quickly, they do VERY little damage. It can also only be placed on the front of your ship. The mines are good as well, but just know that due to the limited tactical slots on the D'kora, they cannot be used with as many mine buffs compared to a normal escort.

Basically, only as worth it as you really wanna spend 600 lobi on.

3. Using Battle Mode really is vitally important. That turns the slow, 'basically a cruiser' D'kora into 'very escort like' in it's turning. You aren't going to out turn Defiants, but it can help a lot.

4. The two abilities on the D'kora console aren't bad. The Swarm Missiles can be nice for a bit of spike damage against bare hull. EMP Burst is much more of a PvP ability (or rather has greater usage in there), but can be nice still in PvE by reducing power levels and such for a bit.

5. As for other equipment, like shield/engine/deflector and consoles, that is up to you. Same applies for BOFF layout, depends on what you wanna do.